Early days – day 7

After everything that was happening AJ was upset and he found he couldn’t cope with looking after all of us and essentially I wasn’t looking after myself. He spoke to me about this and I was overwrought. We went to see my usual GP who specialised in psychiatry. The doctor diagnosed postnatal depression and prescribed antidepressants. After seeing the doctor we went to the supermarket to get some formula milk, it was decided that we would combine the feeding so that I was able to get some rest. At the supermarket I was acting strangely, hyper but then emotional, something I now recognise as ‘mania’. I later phoned my mum in great distress, screaming for help down the phone. That night I got some sleep but I woke up distressed. I had my first episode which was extremely frightening. We later found out that I had been misdiagnosed and consequently the antidepressants had had an adverse effect, in fact triggering an episode.

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