Early days – day 9

Early next morning my family rang the doctor back. By this time we were all very bewildered and exhausted. The emergency team came to our house, it consisted of my GP, a nurse, health visitor, consultant psychiatrist, a social worker and a student. I didn’t want to talk to anyone and was very confused. I thought I was going blind. I also had the notion that I was the main character in a fly on the wall TV documentary. I was still mixing people up and I thought my GP was AJ’s father, who had died some years previously.

I sat on a cushion on the floor in the sitting room dressed in casual clothes and a bright orange head band. The social worker crouched down to my level. She spoke loudly and clearly to my face. She asked if I knew that something was wrong, I said I did. She suggested that I should go to hospital under a Section 2 order. I agreed. I was taken off to hospital in an ambulance with AJ, uncertain of my fate and very frightened. H and J were left holding the baby. I was admitted to an acute adult mental health ward where I would be assessed and treated.

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