Chocy revelation

Wow! Today has been a toughy! Who knew a four year old could be so challenging? Especially when you’re already on your knees. The most sleep I’ve got in one night over the last couple of weeks has been 5-6 hours and boy is it taking its toll. AJ was away on business but luckily I had the safety net of family nearby to pick up the slack. However, I have had two or three meltdowns based around getting said four year old’s shoes on. Ah well, such is life. The good news about today is that firstly, I caught up with one of my oldest friends and secondly, I discovered ‘chocolate meditation’! Result! You open up your favourite chocolate bar and hold it in your hand for three minutes, mindfully enjoying its creation. Buzzer goes off and BAM you eat the chocy and you reward yourself for squeezing in a bit of mindfulness! Bang goes the diet…!

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