Hard to commit

Sometimes, I think, we hold ourselves back from doing things we enjoy. Take blogging for instance. I love writing on here but I don’t want to do it when I’m low or tired. Perhaps though, that is exactly when I should do it. It lessens the load and lightens me up. Today is me first day alone back home after our extended trip to England. AJ has finally been able to get in to the office, by hook and by crook, and Munchie is at preschool. I dropped her off and came home to a sink full of dishes to wash up and two tonnes of laundry to decipher. I decided to concentrate first on some paperwork I had hanging over my head. A big part of me was trying to draw me back to bed, but I dove in to the paperwork and feel better for it. It is bright sunshine outside, reflecting off the white snow. With the dishes still in the sink I turned up my radio app and grooved around my kitchen, it felt gooooood. The ‘glum drop’ as I now wish to call it has lifted somewhat. I’m meeting a friend for a stroll a bit later. The dishes are still soaking and the laundry awaits my attention….

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