Morose Monday

Oh my, what a day that was! I was stuck under one almighty rock. I took Munchie to school and on my return went straight back to bed. I think I may have mentioned I’m not a morning person but this was ridiculous. I slept on and off until midday, I kept resetting my alarm. I felt so gloomy. I forced myself to get up at noon and I felt so on edge. My heart rate was increased, my breathing heavy and I was detached and teary. I had it all going on! I called AJ and he suggested I get out of the house, a good idea but it didn’t really make me feel any better. He came home early. I called my psychiatrist, he didn’t get back to me right away but we spoke yesterday and he asked me to think about what could have triggered this anxiety. I think that some sadness came from how homesick I was feeling after talking to my family on Sunday. Monday is always a tough day for me, I feel isolated. Yesterday being Tuesday I was determined to have a better start to the day and so I headed to yoga and meditation. It felt good. I even went to my grueling circuit training class in the evening. Onwards and upwards. Take each day as it comes.

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