Mummy, have you done your meditation?


Talk about out of the mouths of babes, eh? I am trying my hardest to meditate every day and although I know it sounds ridiculous and not the way you should look at it, some days I have to force myself to do it. So, I’ll either do it whilst I see Munchie is engrossed in a particular activity, having a bath under AJ’s supervision or has gone down to bed. She may then ask me; “Mummy, have you done your meditation?.” I really would believe it if somebody told me she’d been on this planet before. It’s the way she looks at me with concern and intrigue. Insightful too. I was thrilled a few evenings ago when the two of them came down from the bath and said they wanted to do two minutes of meditation with me. I felt so happy. I set the challenge up as follows: study a pencil for two minutes. No talking allowed. Think about the pencil only. Really it was about mindfulness. Munchie’s said pencil was pink with feathers at the end. I set the timer (actually for one minute, but hey, we’re beginners!). It was a success. Not a peep from anyone. I asked Munchie what she had thought about and she said she had imagined the pencil being a rocket. Wow!

On my journey to understand more and more about mental health I really want to help my daughter and husband understand the mind better. Baby steps will equal success.

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