My smile

I played a game with myself on the way back from dropping Munchie off at school. I felt a bit annoyed that I was going to miss my yoga class as I was running late so instead I stopped at the ‘gas’ station and filled up the tank. I always enjoy stopping there as we chat in Spanish and the attendant has a smiley face and is always very pleasant. As he handed me the receipt, he complemented my smile. It kind of took me aback as I’d been feeling pretty glum all morning. A cloud hanging over my head, snapping at Munchie and feeling irritable and low. A few trips to the bathroom when I woke up. Anxiety and low feelings have being following me around like a rain cloud these past few weeks.

Anyway, back to the smile. “What a lovely smile you have” he commented. Deep inside I wasn’t feeling too smiley at all but just the act of genuinely smiling made me feel nice. So for the rest of the 25 minute drive home I practiced smiling. If it came from a happy place or memory or thought, some giggles came too. If it was a sad smile, I didn’t feel good. I frowned. Wow. I’m sure there is science behind this ¬†and as I write this I am breathing through a concentrating smile. My mantra for this post-holiday Tuesday. Breathe and smile happily. If I can…

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  1. You are Beautiful person Mimi, you’ve just got to see yourself as we see you.A happy lovely woman xx

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