P.S. You’re normal

Sometimes I feel so emotionally isolated, I feel like I am the only person/ mum who has to deal with all that life throws at you, as well as an intelligent, rambunctious 4yr old daughter. I feel so alone with my thoughts. It is so refreshing, when I speak out, to find that I am by no means alone. Every mother, father, person, has felt like me and hey, guess what? I am normal and so is my daughter! So too, are my thoughts, doubts, worries etc. I have my wonderful mum to thank for pointing that out to me.

3 thoughts on “P.S. You’re normal

  1. I think all Mum’s/Dad’s feel like that sometimes I know I do – being a parent is tough and anyone who says otherwise must have some kind of secret that they are not sharing ! Just when you think you have worked out how to reason with them they try something new. . . Never ending but worth every minute x

  2. I feel the same way that you describe here, Mimi! I want to apologize because I thought I signed up for this blog waaaaay back in July, 2014! Apparently I messed up, but I just subscribed again. I’ll tweet your blog to my followers today as well! :))) Great job on Stigmama.com – I’m so glad you contributed. take care, Dyane

  3. Hearing/seeing things at night, while in bed (and plorabby drifting off i.e. at the point of sleep where you still THINK you are awake) – normal. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t had this at least once.Feeling the presence of a person/entity at night (again, plorabby while drifting off, as above) – sleep paralysis. Happened to me all the time when I was as university. T’was the booze.But, hey, I spent 16 hours straight playing Silent Hill 2, stopping only to grab a drink or pee, and afterwards I kept seeing enormous pyramid-headed men with giant knives following me. Because of this I ran around beating what I believed to be monsters to death with a length of steel pipe, so there may be something in this “study.”On the other hand, I may have just been still playing the game…. who knows.

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