Running or Meditating: which is harder?

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Yesterday I started running. Believe me when I say, I am shocked these words are coming out of my mouth! I have been a running supporter for a while now, AJ has done 1/2 and full marathons and 5ks and 10ks and whatever else they are called. I have done sideline supporting, snacks, cheering, proud photos – you know all that bobbins. But something happened when he did his last run (1/2 marathon up and down mountains). Something stirred inside me. I knew I loved the buzz of being on the sideline and cheering on my loved ones but suddenly I felt the need. It was American mothers day, so perhaps the man with ‘mom’ written on his chest in mud inspired me, or the female friends with crowns holding hands at the finish line,or just your average Joe doing it, just because. There were plenty of inspirational people, including my other half and a dear friend of ours.
Back to yesterday. I donned my best bra, chose my route and boom, I’m a runner now! I can finally join in with all those people who talk about running! Such fun! Well, sarcasm aside, I ran around the block, up a hill and although I had to slow down for a walk, I didn’t stop. It’s a mental leap for me really. I did it again today so, well, let’s see what the future holds ……

Meditation on the other hand…. I met up with a wise friend about a month ago and had a good heart to heart. I have tried mindfulness and meditation before but never stuck to it. See my post ‘I can’t be bothered to meditate’. It is such a hard discipline and yet if you can do it, from my experience, you feel wonderful. Like running: it’s free. Like running, it’s a discipline. But meditation is all on you! Nobody can shout at you and tell you to meditate faster or longer or whatever. I started with just four minutes. I’m a month in and believe me, I have to force myself to do it. You need a quiet space. Having a partner and a 6 year old and living in a small apartment does not always allow for that. I might just mention, I’m going to meditate now and they are great, but getting a quiet space in my head is on ME.

It’s definitely easier to do when I have the house to myself but getting your thoughts to stop and just listening to you breathing is SO much easier said than done. I have tried apps and been to yoga classes with meditation at the end. There are loads of youtube channels. I really like ‘the honest guys’. Also for kids and families there is ‘enchanted meditations for kids by Christiane Kerr’. I bought it for on iTunes for iBooks. I love the sound of her voice. That is quite important to me I’ve realised.

I’m getting a little tired of typing now so I’ll conclude. Meditation is much harder (personally) although both are challenging.

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