Therapy and me

Today I have come back from my therapy session feeling totally invigorated. I opened up and was rewarded, I got so animated during the discussion that my hands were flying all over the place and for the first time in weeks Dr. S had to stop me to tell me my time was up. I realised that I hadn’t discussed something that has been bothering me for a while and I’m so glad I did because not only did I feel better but also Dr. S warned me that if I didn’t talk about it then it could become a huge problem.

My decision to go back to Dr.S was definitely the right thing to do and I feel I have made progress. With his support, I have weaned myself off Olanzapine and I have been drug free for 3 weeks now and I feel a lot brighter. After my last episode in December I was put on a dose of 20mg Olanzapine. Whilst that was necessary at the time, long term I don’t believe I need to be on an antipsychotic. Dr.S will keep an eye on me and make sure I do not deteriorate but so far my reaction has been positive. Whilst on the medication I was constantly tired and often felt the need to go back to bed in the mornings, something which often made me feel worse. I was sluggish and foggy and I gained a lot of weight. As I have said before I am not averse to taking medication, but we feel I don’t need to at this time. My weekly sessions with Dr.S do involve a 50 minute drive into New York City but I have discovered the joys of wnyc radio which is national public radio. They discuss news and current affairs and I enjoy some ‘me’ time. It also gives me the chance to collect my thoughts both before and after the therapy. I think it’s worth it.

I am pleased to report that Munchie is having a blast at summer camp! I am also very pleased to share the exciting news that in November I will become an aunty! Munchie is very excited to welcome her new baby cousin in to the world too.

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