This morning I woke up at 5.20am and I think the reason I am feeling so excited and trepidatious is today’s UK general election. A dear friend of ours (who by the way has been campaigning her butt off) is voting by proxy for AJ and me. I hope we can make a change, all of us who vote. The important thing is to turn up and have your say.

Personally I really hope Theresa May doesn’t get back in as I am so scared of what she will do to all our public services. When Munchie was born six and a half years ago I received excellent care. Imagine a world, just for a second, in which that care had not been free. Living in the US for just shy of 5 years has shown me that privatisation of health care is a lottery few people can afford to pay. If you haven’t got decent health care or can’t afford health care at all, who knows what can happen.

Then there’s the Tory’s educational policies. Do you want your child or grandchild to go to a decent school OR do you want all the government funding to go to grammar schools, a system which was abolished for a reason.

Any way, my mini political rant is over. Turn up. Vote. Have a nice day with the people you care about.

Mimi x

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